What is a Tequeño?

A tequeño is a snack, prepared with wheat flour dough and white cheese.

A stick of white cheese is wrapped in the dough and deep fried. Other countries, like Colombia, may know it as a “Dedito de Queso.”

It is one of the most popular Venezuelan snack foods at parties, especially weddings.

The name "Tequeño" comes from the town of "Los Teques", the capital of the State of Miranda, where it is believed it was originated. The oldest known references to it come from the first decade of the 19th century.

At that time the richest families of Caracas would spend long vacation periods in Los Teques and would start preparing them with the leftover dough of another Venezuelan food known as "pastelitos".

At Tequenomania we also create a healthier option by adding organic chia seeds and wheat bran that would give you more health benefits resulting from a higher content of protein, antioxidants, and dietary fiber.

    • Original & Gouda
      More Cheese, More Flavor
    • Gouda Cheese
      (Jumbo & Party)
    • Cheese jumbo
    • Cheese Party
    • Healthy Tequeño
      (Jumbo & Party)
      Sweet Flavors
      Sweet Temptations
    • Guava & Cream Cheese
    • Guava & White Cheese
    • Milk Caramel
    • Milk Chocolate
    • Dark Chocolate
    • Sweet Coconut & Cheese
    • Cinnamon Apple
    • Salty Flavors
    • Breakfast (Egg, Ham, Cheese)
    • Ham & Cheese (White)*
    • Turkey Ham & Cream Cheese*
    • Spinach & Cheese*
    • Beef*
    • Chicken*
    • Spanish Sausage*
    • Shredded Beef & Cheese
    • Shredded Beef & Gouda Cheese
    • Ham & Gouda Cheese
    • Gouda Cheese Bacon
    • Blue Cheese*
    • Hawaiian*
    • Pizza*
    • Pizza Pepperoni*
    • Mediterranean*
    • Chilli Pepper*


WHAT IS A Tekecorn Logo

TEKECORN is a Tequeno with corn flour dough and white cheese.

The Original Tequeno is a snack, prepared with wheat flour dough and white cheese. A stick of white cheese is wrapped in dough and deep fried.

At Tequenomania we went crazy by changing the wheat flour to corn flour dough, creating a delicious gluten free Tequeno.

When you bite it, the melted cheese in combination of the corn flour dough give you a spectacular culinary experience in your mouth.

Enjoy it! You won’t regret it!

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